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Redefine The Role of Your Front Desk Team

Most dentists and dental professionals have a common type of employee they prefer at their front desk. When asked who their favorite front desk person is you will usually get the same answer: The “competent one.” Dentists tend to love the staff member that knows all...

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Stepping Over Dollars To Save A Penny

I had the great honor to interview the leading dental expert on Hiring and Human Resources, Tim Twigg, President of Bent Ericksen & Associates. During our discussion together, I asked Tim the top excuses to training and why dental offices fail to invest in...

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Onboarding Training

Poor training increases turnover by 300%, which is a huge hit to the bottom line of a practice. Turnover costs range from 1-3x the cost of the employee. Think about it: recruitment, training, lost production, efficiency, and overtime/make-up costs. According to the...

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Successful Recruiting 1 of 3 – Tim Twigg

Place an ad, read a resume, hire someone….how hard can it be? It’s not hard as long as you never make a mistake, never hire the wrong person, never have problems and never have turnover. Learn the latest foundational do’s and don’ts in recruiting that will support...

Interview with Heather Nottingham & Larry Guzzardo

There are two things that absolutely infuriate dentists: patients trying to commoditize dentistry by making decisions about treatment based only on price, and patients not showing up for their appointments. Certainly price is an important...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Are You a Dabbler or a Doer?

Alright everyone…we get tons of requests from dentists that know that they need training, they see a problem, they know how to fix it, and then what happens…NOTHING!? They give us all kinds of excuses like, “my team doesn’t want to do it” (who’s the...

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