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Effortless and Profitable Dentistry Leading to Financial Freedom with Dr. Ace Goerig

In this podcast, we will begin to address the 6 secret steps to financial freedom. Strategies that will double practice profitability. How to make dentistry fun and effortless. How to increase net profit 5 to 20% instantly. Two investments that will give a 2X to 10X return, guaranteed, and without risk. Understand the “retire in practice” model. How to be completely debt free in 5 to 10 years.

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Dental Data Security

Dr. Lavine discusses Dental Data Security – The most common mistakes dental practices make – How practices should protect their data – How data is at risk – Firewalls and encryption standards – HIPAA guidelines…

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Return on Hygiene

Is your hygiene team the backbone of your practice or the weakest link? Whatever your answer, there’s room for improvement and growth in every hygiene department. As one of the most overlooked and most important parts of your practice success, your hygiene team needs positive leadership, systems and accountability to reach their full potential and deliver a strong return for patients, the providers themselves and your practice.

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The Dental Practice Office Manager

In the podcast, we explore the position of “Office Manager” in a dental practice. What does an “Office Manager” do?
Why a “manager” can create a false sense of security. How a “manager” can actually bring down your leadership Who manages the manager? Learn what responsibilities can and can’t be delegated

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Nuts and Bolts of Dental Marketing

In this podcast, you will learn the following: Eliminate confusion about what marketing method will work best for you ~ Specific marketing steps to attract high-quality comprehensive care patients ~ Learn how to enhance your online reputation ~ Discover the best use of your marketing dollars…

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Production Killers

Larry Guzzardo shares his production killers in this podcast – Why dental scheduling is so important – What production killers are – The top 2 scheduling production killers – The impact production killers have…

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Are They Really a Dental Phone Training Expert?

Recently, I have seen a great number of companies jumping on the “dental phone training” bandwagon. There are marketing companies, practice management software companies, and others posting blogs, writing articles, and even offering downloads of magical dental phone...

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The Future of Dentistry

Dentistry is changing in a big way. Patients know more and are becoming immune to the sales tactics that worked five years ago. With online review sites, increased search and social media, and competition, dentists not only have to provide amazing dentistry, but also outstanding customer service…

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