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Rethinking Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year, a healthy percentage of Americans make promises to themselves about the upcoming year - New Year’s resolutions. But, how many times have you actually followed them? The unfortunate truth is that for most of us, the new year simply means a fresh start on...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Why Your Dental Marketing Doesn’t Matter

Often, when I consult with clients who are struggling with getting enough new patients, they typically point the finger of blame at their marketing. You know, their brochures, SEO, direct mail programs, signage, website, or other tactical elements. Look, before you...

AACD Partner Pearlette

Nearly all of the doctors I speak with believe that if they are excellent clinicians, they will be successful. Unfortunately, excellent patient care and clinical skills is just the ante. You need much more to truly win the game, because the...

Dental Recruitment – Part 3 of 3

Place an ad, read a resume, hire someone….how hard can it be? Dental Recruitment is not hard as long as you never make a mistake, never hire the wrong person, never have problems and never have turnover. Learn the latest...

How To Start a Dental Practice

In this series of workshops, All-Star Head Instructor Larry Guzzardo and All-Star Founder and CEO Alex Nottingham J.D. M.B.A. will explore the fundamental steps to building a successful dental practice – from assessing the...

Being a Better Boss

A survey by the ADA states that human resource issues are the number one stressor for a dentist. But have you (the dentist) ever considered that YOU might be contributing to problems with your team? That you need to be a...

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