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Fee for Service

It can be tiring relying only on insurance patients or price sensitive shoppers. Fee for service patients tend to be more profitable but very discriminating and demanding. In this study club, we explored how to get more fee-for-service patients. Heather Nottingham...

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Driving Seamless Experiences – Dr. Joseph Michelli

Consumers expect more from professional service providers than they ever have before. In an age of unprecedented customer “choice” and “voice,” quality of care and friendly service are often not enough to assure your patients will stay with you and refer their friends...

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Banishing Broken Appointments

We recently hosted a special, public session of our Study Club where we talked about strategies for overcoming broken appointments / no-shows. Fundamentally, the challenge associated with getting patients to show up to their appointments is one of perception. Patients...

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Romancing the Phone ™

Before becoming hailed as the “million dollar customer service genius” by dental industry insiders, I got my humble beginnings as a retail sales specialist, working for various large volume luxury companies like Bloomindale’s, Express, Kate Spade and others. My first...

Is Your Dental Office Stuck in the Matrix?

I know why you're here, Dentists. I know what you've been doing... why you worry about your practice, why you stress about finances, and why night after night, you sit by your computer and obsess about filling holes in your schedule. You're...

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Seattle Study Club: Working Smarter, Not Harder

I had the pleasure this past weekend to visit The Seattle Study Club Symposium (their big annual meeting they hold each year). Many of you know this group, but for those who don't, The Seattle Study Club was created by a periodontist to bring general dentists and...

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