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The Patient Experience and Technology

Ryan White and Alex Nottingham JD MBA discussed how technology is changing the patient experience in the healthcare industry. White noted that patients prefer to receive appointment reminders via text, and that online scheduling is becoming more popular. He pointed...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Success with Dental Membership Plans

David Pier, co-founder of the dental membership company DenVantage, talks with Alex Nottingham, CEO of All-Star Dental Academy, welcomed, about his success with well-designed dental membership plans. David explained that after the 2008 recession, he and his partners...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Improving Dental Team Training

All-Star Coaches Eric Vickery, and Larissa Pretoni discuss the importance of training and development in the dental field with Alex Nottingham. They agreed that the dentist has to be committed to training and be the leader in order for it to be successful. Larissa...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Don’t Be a Disney Dental Office

Disney is known as the star example in customer service. Is it? Granted, they do a ton of activities well, but even the great Disney fails in many aspects of the customer experience. In this podcast, Alex Nottingham, JD MBA, CEO of All-Star Dental Academy will examine...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

The Dental Office Manager is Obsolete

All-Star Coach Shelly Van Epps asks the question: Is the dental office manager obsolete? Shelly is a former office manager and treatment coordinator with over 20 years of experience and is currently VP of Business Development and mastery coach with All-Star Dental...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Social Media Engagement Tips For Dentists

Shyanne McCracken, an All-Star Mastery Coach and treatment coordinator, reveals the truth about social media for dentists on Dental Allstars with Alex Nottingham. Shyanne believes that dentists hesitate to use social media due to the rules and regulations, as well as...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Take the Fear Out of Dental HR

Dental HR (human resources) can be overwhelming. There are federal and state laws that are changing all the time. Great employees are harder and harder to find and keeping awesome team members can be a challenge. Alan Twigg at Bent Ericksen & Associates joins...

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