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Systems for Success in Dentistry

Today on the show, we're pleased to welcome Dr. Todd Snyder, and he'll be discussing the secret ingredients to achieving success in dentistry and generally in life. As a successful dentist, Todd is on a mission to assist other dentists in overcoming obstacles and...

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The 95/5 Dental Case Acceptance Rule

How to Improve Dental Case Acceptance in Your Practice In this episode of Dental All-Stars, host Alex Nottingham sits down with Eric Vickery, President of Coaching at All-Star Dental Academy. Eric is a respected expert in practice management and dental case acceptance...

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How to Improve Case Acceptance in Your Practice

Are you struggling to break free from insurance contracts restricting your practice growth? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many dentists feel tethered to their plan and find it difficult to transition away from restrictive policies. To help us understand the...

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Stand Out From The Crowd with Dental Marketing

Welcome to Dental All-Stars Podcast. Today's guests are Eric Hubbard and Andre Santos, the co-founders of Pain-Free Dental Marketing. Eric brings a wealth of strategic marketing experience from his time in the Fortune 300, while Andre has developed a career in...

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Key Components of a Successful Workplace

One of the key components of a successful workplace is a thriving team environment. But how do you engage a disengaged team? Robyn Reis, Director of Hiring and VP of Coaching for All-Star Dental Academy, offers valuable tips on how to achieve this. As a certified HR...

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Effective Dental Morning Huddles

An effective dental morning huddle may be one of the most powerful tools to ensure an efficient and productive day. First, it is important to understand what a morning huddle is and its purpose. An effective morning huddle is a time for your team members to share...

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