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10 Ways to Motivate Your Team

10 Ways to Motivate Your Team

10 ways to motivate your team A dental practice’s success is dependent on a well-trained, motivated team.  It’s your responsibility as a leader to establish a vision, set a standard that supports that vision, and train and motivate your team. Here are 10 ways to guide...

Rethinking Your New Year’s Resolution

Rethinking Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year, a healthy percentage of Americans make promises to themselves about the upcoming year - New Year’s resolutions. But, how many times have you actually followed them? The unfortunate truth is that for most of us, the new year simply means a fresh start on...

An Effective Morning Huddle

In contrast to the unfortunately common opinion that team meetings are a waste of time, make every day count by starting with a Morning Huddle. A well-organized morning huddle will ensure you are able to stay out of trouble,...

Goal Setting Strategies – Study Club

All Star Goal Setting Strategies is our end-of year Study Club where you can take some time to reflect on the successes of the past year, and identify areas that need attention. Busy dentists often overlook analysis and...

Are You a Dabbler or a Doer?

Are You a Dabbler or a Doer?

Alright everyone…we get tons of requests from dentists that know that they need training, they see a problem, they know how to fix it, and then what happens…NOTHING!? They give us all kinds of excuses like, “my team doesn’t want to do it” (who’s the...

Is Your Dental Office Stuck in the Matrix?

I know why you're here, Dentists. I know what you've been doing... why you worry about your practice, why you stress about finances, and why night after night, you sit by your computer and obsess about filling holes in your schedule. You're...

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