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Stepping Over Dollars To Save A Penny

I had the great honor to interview the leading dental expert on Hiring and Human Resources, Tim Twigg, President of Bent Ericksen & Associates. During our discussion together, I asked Tim the top excuses to training and why dental offices fail to invest in...

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Onboarding Training

Poor training increases turnover by 300%, which is a huge hit to the bottom line of a practice. Turnover costs range from 1-3x the cost of the employee. Think about it: recruitment, training, lost production, efficiency, and overtime/make-up costs. According to the...

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Successful Recruiting 1 of 3 – Tim Twigg

Place an ad, read a resume, hire someone….how hard can it be? It’s not hard as long as you never make a mistake, never hire the wrong person, never have problems and never have turnover. Learn the latest foundational do’s and don’ts in recruiting that will support...

Interview with Heather Nottingham & Larry Guzzardo

There are two things that absolutely infuriate dentists: patients trying to commoditize dentistry by making decisions about treatment based only on price, and patients not showing up for their appointments. Certainly price is an important...

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Are You a Dabbler or a Doer?

Alright everyone…we get tons of requests from dentists that know that they need training, they see a problem, they know how to fix it, and then what happens…NOTHING!? They give us all kinds of excuses like, “my team doesn’t want to do it” (who’s the...

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Fee for Service

It can be tiring relying only on insurance patients or price sensitive shoppers. Fee for service patients tend to be more profitable but very discriminating and demanding. In this study club, we explored how to get more fee-for-service patients. Heather Nottingham...

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Banishing Broken Appointments

We recently hosted a special, public session of our Study Club where we talked about strategies for overcoming broken appointments / no-shows. Fundamentally, the challenge associated with getting patients to show up to their appointments is one of perception. Patients...

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